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Do You Hear Us Now?

Look out over the horizon See the flames burn bright towards the sky Hear the pain in their voices as their souls cry This isn’t the beginning  This isn’t the end It’s been tacked on for years Covered in prayers and understanding  Littered with stereotypes and hate Too much blood has been spilled No more … Continue reading Do You Hear Us Now?

Prayer For My Son

Now I lay him down to sleep Ancestors hear my soul speak My guidance he seeks from birth til grown Love and light surround him away from home Guide his spirit down his destined path May all enemies feel my motherly wraith

Enough Is Enough

Emotions are very high right now. After just witnessing Ahmaud Arbery and Sean Reed, here we are again with George Floyd. I have to ask, when is enough enough. How much more blood has to be spilled for America to get that our lives matter? Will America ever get it? At this point I don’t … Continue reading Enough Is Enough

I Can’t Breathe Again

I CANT BREATHE Those haunting words touch my ears again The vision of him on the ground with a knee in his neck won’t leave my mind Looking at it I find myself screaming just as I did in Eric Garner WHAT DID HE DO? DON’T YOU HEAR HIM? HE CAN’T BREATHE! GET OFF OF … Continue reading I Can’t Breathe Again

Her Father

She looks at him with eyes of admiration Her father The man that could do no wrong Her father The man who even though he’s tired, finds time to listen to her exciting tales Her father The man who makes sure she has nothing to be afraid of Her father The man who holds her … Continue reading Her Father

I Thought I Told You

I told you I didn’t love you, At least I thought I did. They say actions speak louder than words And my actions SCREAMED at you. We talked less, we touched less, and Making love has become nonexistent. I thought you understood what that meant. You asked me why I didn’t say I was unhappy, … Continue reading I Thought I Told You

Physical Touch

Most people associate physical touch as sexual. It doesn’t have to be, There’s levels to it. Some levels we don’t experience until we find the right one. My spirit knew I was ready when he entered my life. His introduction was everything I needed.  You should’ve seen how he’d stare into my eyes before tapping … Continue reading Physical Touch

1932 Love

You gave me that 1932 love That love that brought you to my house and you asked my mother and fathers permission to court me That love where you dressed up in your finest threads I dressed up in my best dress that came just below the knee to give the right amount of modesty … Continue reading 1932 Love

You Were My Downfall

As I lie here in the middle of the street, My thoughts drift to you I wonder what you’re doing, if you’re happy, and if  you found someone to replace me Replace me….. That’s what you’ll be doing Replacing me for someone to make new memories with You’ll go on to live happily ever after, … Continue reading You Were My Downfall

His Berta

Sitting outside at the old mans feet, the one I’ve grown to love as my grandfather. I hear him begin to hum a tune I’ve grown familiar with. One that I’ve heard every Sunday as the sun set. I’d later learn that the tune was called Berta, Berta. A very memorable scene with it was … Continue reading His Berta

The Sacrifice

Close your eyes and listen closely, As you stand in this space take in the moment.  Can you hear it? The soft chains rattling in the distance, The haunting melodies of your ancestors singing, The footsteps shuffling through the sand towards the water. This place is not for them.  This place will not be their … Continue reading The Sacrifice

Lost In Thought

It’s raining and I’m lost in my thoughts of you Alone in the darkness with nothing but the sound of the rain against my window I think of the time when it was you and I together doing the same thing As we laid next to each other we shared thoughts of our future The … Continue reading Lost In Thought

What If My Son Was Ahmaud?

Looking at this picture and watching everything going on currently with Ahmaud Arbery, I’m filled with so many emotions. Anger, frustration, fear, and many more. I find it ironic that the very car my son has to walk past to get home could contain an individual so insecure and afraid of his melanin, his strength, … Continue reading What If My Son Was Ahmaud?

This Moment In Time

I remember walking along the beach, The sky was painted in red and orange, The sun was a dim glow fading away, I wished for you, My stubbornness wouldn’t allow me to call, I know the argument was stupid, but who apologizes first? I find a spot and become lost in my thoughts, It was … Continue reading This Moment In Time

Those Were The Days

Fill me with the nostalgia of my childhood Remind me of the long days outside filled with nothing but careless playing Those were the days No worries of the world that the adults conquer daily Although we can’t wait to be grown Right now we just want to enjoy the moment Ride with me on … Continue reading Those Were The Days

May 7th

As May 7th approaches, I’m filled with thoughts of your memory. May 7th, the last day I was able to physically hold you. In my mind I knew what the day would bring, but my heart wasn’t ready. I couldn’t let someone so precious go so soon. Looking down at you I was hit with … Continue reading May 7th

The Sins Of The Parents

As I down the last of my drink, I look into the eyes of the most precious child. She doesn’t deserve what she has to go through now. The person she loves and looks up to more than anything no longer resides in her home. She questions everyday what time he’s coming home from work … Continue reading The Sins Of The Parents

Love Never Lost

I remember the time I thought I lost you I woke up early for some reason and couldn’t feel you My world was so off balance I needed you to steady it I journeyed up to the stars for you, But got caught up trying to wish on a shooting star as the rest danced … Continue reading Love Never Lost


It sits there, lurking throughout the day Never saying anything, but watching intently Sooner or later it will make its move It’ll trick you into thinking you’ll have the best night ever Then when you’re freshly showered, snug under your covers with your eyes slowly closing It rings the doorbell to your brain while singing … Continue reading Insomnia

Stairway To Heaven

I was told that if I traveled far enough I would find the stairway to heaven Could you imagine a place like that existing I mean really imagine… To journey to the top of the stairs and get lost in the clouds Call out your loved ones names and see their face spreading the white … Continue reading Stairway To Heaven

The Day You Left

Have you ever been paralyzed with so much pain that you thought you were dying? Your heart constricts and blood flow decreases until you are no longer breathing That’s how I felt when you left Life was no longer worth living No longer would I see the depth of the world in your eyes No … Continue reading The Day You Left

In Your Presence

It’s been 15 years since I stood in your presence, before that I don’t remember. The memory of you can’t even be described as fleeting, in reality it’s non-existent. I used to wonder why out of all of us I was left alone without any memories of you, but then I realize that it was … Continue reading In Your Presence

Last Night We Danced

Last night we danced and it was magical. You walked in the room and there was no one else but us. Nothing extravagant, just an ordinary room where you and I were the only two people in the world. It started slow with us looking into each other’s eyes and then transitioned into a cozy … Continue reading Last Night We Danced


As I closed my eyes, I remember the feeling of floating to another place. In this place, I was barefoot walking through the woods. Every snap of a twig and crunch of a leaf made my feel as if I was going to somewhere of importance. The sound of tribal music could be heard from … Continue reading Ascension

Introvert Life

While everyone is sitting at home going stir crazy because of Covid-19 shutting everything down, I’m happily in my home reading books, watching documentaries, and meditating while my children fill my home with the rowdiness that would normally be seen in the outside world. I have my balance. As an introvert, Here is where I … Continue reading Introvert Life

The Feeling of Love

I wanna know love, I wanna know everything there is to know about that warm fuzzy feeling inside. I wanna know the feeling of your skin brushing against my arm and the softness of your lips pressed against mine. Our heartbeats in sync like the best drummers on the drum line as the majorettes dance … Continue reading The Feeling of Love

Let’s Do Yoga!

In the closet, I’m obsessed with yoga. Meaning I totally love yoga, but haven’t worked up the nerve to follow all the way through with it. Many things have been the cause of that. Fear, anxiety, intimidation, just to name a few. Being plus size, I see all the images of the different yogi’s in … Continue reading Let’s Do Yoga!

Another Round For Kai

She told me I was mean and my heart broke. She looked me in my eyes, folded her tiny arms, and told me I was mean. Now the reason for this is that I had just informed her that she had to vacate my room. It was time for her to enter full toddlerhood by … Continue reading Another Round For Kai

The Woman Under The Tree

I once saw a woman sitting under a tree She just looked and listened No words slipped through the crevices of her lips I watched her as she watched them Some would get smiles while others got frowns Then one day she cried She cried watching the little black boy explain to the policeman that … Continue reading The Woman Under The Tree

At The Bottom Of The Sea

She dwelled at the bottom of the seaHeartbroken from what they had done to herThey came like a thief in the nightAll that she knew, they tookHer children were gone and so was her homePlaced on a strange boat to a strange landThey took everything from her except her prideHer pride would not allow her … Continue reading At The Bottom Of The Sea


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Prayer For My Son

Now I lay him down to sleep Ancestors hear my soul speak My guidance he seeks from birth til grown Love and light surround him away from home Guide his spirit down his destined path May all enemies feel my motherly wraith

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